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At Just Smile Dental, our Everett, WA pediatric dentist, Dr. William Webley and our staff understand the importance of good pediatric oral health. Our pediatric dentistry treatments help protect and restore children’s teeth so they can speak, eat, and have stunning smiles.

Dr. Webley understands that your child’s experience with us can affect their views on dentists for the rest of their lives. We want them to associate the dentist’s office as a good place instead of being scared. We‘ll take our time with each patient so that they have an enjoyable and educational visit. For questions or to schedule your child’s appointment, call us at (425) 341-1111.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry, or children’s dentistry, focuses on meeting children’s oral health needs and preserving their healthy smiles. When children develop their first tooth, our dentists are ready to provide the highest quality dental care and comfortable experience they need. 

We’ll work with parents to ensure that their children take good care of their teeth at home. Our dentist will also monitor for any problems so we can catch them early to ensure healthy smiles for life.

Common Pediatric Dental Issues

Baby Teeth Care and Issues

  • Teething – Around ages six months to three years, babies get new teeth breaking through the gums which can cause fussiness, biting, drooling, and discomfort. Teething rings, cool foods, and pain relievers can help.
  • Cavities – Baby teeth get cavities too, often caused by prolonged exposure to sugary foods and poor brushing. Left untreated, cavities can lead to infection and negatively impact adult teeth positioning.
  • Injuries – Falls, accidents, and trauma can chip or knock out emerging baby teeth which may require smoothing edges or tooth removal.

Permanent Teeth Care

  • Preventative Care – Regular dental visits, brushing with fluoride toothpaste, and dental sealants, and avoiding sugary foods keep permanent teeth strong and cavity-free.
  • Orthodontics – Crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth can be corrected with braces, retainers, or other orthodontic appliances. Early treatment leads to better results.
  • Injuries – Permanent tooth injuries may require smoothing, reattachment, crowns, or root canals for the best long-term tooth and jaw health.

What to Expect at Your Child’s Dental Appointment

When you visit our Everett dental practice, our team will guide you and your child on caring for their teeth at home. There will also be plenty of time to have all your questions answered. While we do this, your child will have plenty of time to explore our office at their own pace.

Preparing Your Child for Dentist VisitA family smiling while having a picnic outside

Before visiting Just Smile Dental, there are some ways to keep your child at ease and make their appointment a successful visit:

  • Schedule the appointment at a time when your child is comfortable and well-rested.
  • Bring your child’s comfort item or favorite toy.
  • Use positive reinforcement.
  • Speak positively about the upcoming dentist visit.
  • Introduce books or shows about characters visiting the dentist.

Pediatric Dental Treatments

Pediatric dental treatments usually consist of the following:

  • Professional Dental Cleanings – Regular cleanings remove buildup and help detect early problems.
  • Dental Fillings – Small cavities can be filled with tooth-colored materials.
  • Dental Crowns – Damaged baby teeth may get stainless steel crowns to maintain space for adult teeth.
  • Tooth Extractions – Severely damaged, loose, or problematic baby teeth may need to be removed.
  • Dental Sealants – Thin plastic coatings adhere to chewing surfaces to prevent decay.
  • Fluoride Treatments – Fluoride applied directly onto teeth makes them stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sooner your child visits the dentist, the sooner they can start enjoying the benefits of a healthy smile. From the moment their first tooth comes in, children should get into the habit of practicing oral hygiene, starting with dental visits. Routine dental visits allow our pediatric dentists to detect and diagnose problems like cavities or tooth decay.

These are some of the common pediatric dental problems:

  • Premature tooth loss
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Malocclusion (bad bites)
  • Tooth sensitivity

To avoid these problems from happening, it’s encouraged that you visit the dentist the moment your child grows their first tooth. With routine dental visits, pediatric dentists will ensure your child is set for life with a healthy smile

Cavities are the most common dental issues seen in children. To prevent your child from getting cavities, pediatricians recommend the following:

  • Limit snacks frequency
  • Encourage practicing oral hygiene habits
  • What watch your child drinks
  • Make treats part of meals
  • Avoid giving your child acidic and sticky foods
  • Choose nutritious snacks

Pediatric dentists can offer guidance on breaking these habits. Positive reinforcement, age-appropriate discussions with the child, and using behavioral strategies are common approaches. Early intervention is crucial to prevent potential dental issues.

Friendly Pediatric Care at Just Smile Dental

Give your child the head start they deserve for a lifetime of healthy, confident smiles. Contact us at (425) 341-1111 to make an appointment. You can also request an appointment by booking an appointment online. We’re proud to provide comprehensive dentistry services for our patients in Edmonds, Marysville, Lynnwood, and Silver Firs, WA.