Stay on Top of Your Overall Health 

At Just Smile Dental, Dr. Webley and our Everett team wholeheartedly believe in treating your dental needs while keeping your overall body in mind. We focus on natural alternatives to metal restorations. 

Our practice is unique because we specialize in preventative and holistic dentistry to keep our patients’ mouths healthy. We truly believe that the condition of your mouth is connected to your overall health. We don’t just believe metal-free treatment solutions are safer for our patients, but also that it’s environmentally friendly. Environmentally, the release of mercury can cause health complications such as brain damage and neurology problems.

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic medicine and dentistry not only involve the mouth but the whole body, including the mind. What happens in your mouth not only affects your oral health but also affects your overall health.

Many patients are unaware there are negative effects that traditional dental techniques and treatments can have on their bodies. Dr. Webley educates patients on the health hazards found in our everyday environment and brings awareness to what corresponds to your dental health and overall well-being.

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

When you switch from traditional to holistic dentistry, you discover many benefits that you haven’t noticed before. Holistic dentistry offers:

  • Promotes overall body health — When you come in for your dental needs, we also consider your overall wellbeing.
  • Customized treatment plan — Every patient is unique and reacts differently to certain materials. We want to use materials that are best suited for you.
  • Safe healing methods — We utilize safe dental products and healing techniques so your mouth heals more naturally.

Holistic Naturopathic Treatment Modalities

Ozone Therapy

Ozone dental treatment is a natural, non-invasive therapy used in many dental procedures. This treatment is effective in treating minor tooth decay and destroying harmful bacteria and viruses that hide in the teeth and the human body. To do so, this treatment either uses pure ozone gas, ozonated water, or ozonated oil to safely destroy the microorganisms.

Ozonated Water

Ozonated water refers to water that has been treated with ozone gas to disinfect water and to be used as a disinfection agent. Furthermore, ozonated water is safe and offers a variety of benefits for people and the environment. With a holistic approach, Dr. Webley uses ozonated water for all his treatments. 

Ozone for Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal (gum) disease can affect your oral health if left untreated and cause painful symptoms like inflamed gums and toothaches. Dr. Webley uses a form of ozone and applies it directly to the infected area of the gum tissue. This targets and penetrates the pocket of infection where they currently reside. Ozone helps control the infection and eliminate the infected gum tissue that couldn’t be saved.

Ozone in Root Canal Treatments

Ozone therapy can also be used for root canal treatment. Ozone helps to sterilize the canal system, eliminate bacteria, and stimulate faster healing. If you have a damaged tooth but it’s still alive, Dr. Webley uses ozone to save and preserve the damaged tooth. During the procedure, Dr. Webley will sterilize all parts of the tooth including the tiniest canals and tubules without the use of invasive methods. 

Ozone in TMJ Treatments

If you’re suffering from TMJ disorder, Dr. Webley can use ozone therapy to alleviate painful symptoms like inflammation. During your consultation with Dr. Webley, he’ll evaluate your condition and create a treatment plan based on your severity of dysfunction and level of discomfort. The use of ozone for TMJ treatment is safe and effective. 

You have two joints on either side of your head that connect the jaw to the skull called the temporomandibular joints. TMJ disorders occur when there are problems with these joints, the jaw muscles, or surrounding nerves. TMJ disorder has many different causes, some may be from oral infection, wisdom teeth, or even toothaches from teeth grinding. These causes often consist of viruses, bacteria, and fungus, all of which ozone can eliminate and alleviate the painful symptoms. If Dr. Webley deems ozone therapy necessary to treat your symptoms, he’ll inject ozone into the TMJ to eliminate these microorganisms, reduce inflammation, and stimulate new cartilage growth. 

Safe Mercury Removal

If you got silver-mercury amalgam fillings and want to remove them for a safer alternative, Dr. Webley offers safe mercury removal in our Everett, WA office. These fillings consist of mercury, one of the most toxic non-radioactive elements that can harm your oral health, overall health, as well as the environment. When you choose to undergo the removal procedure at our Everett office, Dr. Webley keeps your overall health in mind and makes sure to minimize your exposure during the removal process. 

Dr. Webley and our dental team will provide you with a full torse drape, and eye protection to prevent mercury from getting onto your body and clothes. He’ll also provide you with a nose mask attached to oxygen to breathe from your nose and prevent you from inhaling mercury vapor during the process. 

He’ll carefully remove large chunks of the filling to minimize the drilling and reduce the vaporization of the mercury. With a high-speed suction next to the fillings, this suction any vapor and particles that may be inside the mouth. After the removal, Dr. Webley will rinse your mouth with abundant amounts of cool water and suction all the dust and particles. After the process, Dr. Webley will fill the area with an alternative filling to ensure long-lasting, safe, and effective tooth restoration.

Non-Metal & BPA-Free Fillings

If you’ve undergone a safe mercury removal procedure or are looking for a safer alternative to amalgam fillings, Dr. Webley offers non-metal and BPA-free fillings. These fillings are used to treat cavities, and repair cracked, broken, or worn-down teeth. They’re made up of mercury-free, non-toxic, tooth-colored, composite resin material. These are great alternatives for patients who are allergic to metals and want a safer alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

With proper oral hygiene and regular biannual visits to Just Smile Dental, mercury-free fillings can last up to ten years. When it’s time to replace your fillings, the procedure is quick and painless. To ensure the longevity, Dr. Webley recommends following the instructions:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Floss daily
  • Rinse between meals

Ozone therapy has been proven safe in many studies. This therapy produces effective and safe results with very few side effects. Additionally, ozone therapy has been used in medicine for centuries to promote faster healing and prevent infection in patients. It’s also an effective and safe way to sterilize medical instruments.

Most insurance covers a portion of the treatment cost. We highly encourage you to speak to your insurance provider to learn more about your coverage plan and the benefits they offer. We also offer flexible financing options so you don’t delay your treatment any longer.

Our Commitment to Achieving Overall Wellbeing

When it comes to oral care, Dr. Webley wants you to be informed about what will be going into your body. At Just Smile Dental, our dental team provides our patients with trustworthy, chemical-free options for their dental care. 

Give holistic dentistry a chance, call our Everett office at (425) 341-1111 to schedule an appointment today. You can also fill out our online contact form and one of our staff will be happy to assist you. We’re proud to provide services to Edmonds, Marysville, Lynnwood, Snohomish, and many more!